Swimming Program: Water Safety

As part of our swimming program, we will be participating in a water safety session.

This session will take place on:

  • Thursday 14 March for the Coral Homegroup
  • Friday 22 March for the Clams and Oysters Homegroup

Students are required to bring along an extra pair of shorts and tshirt to participate in this session.

Thanks for your continued support,

Middle Team

Headphones for our Chromebooks

The middle students are finally able to get using their Chromebooks in the learning spaces now that all our forms have been returned!

As part of our digital technology policy all middle students need to provide a pair of headphones for use with their Chromebooks during learning time.

If you have not brought in a pair of headphones for your Chromebook please make sure you bring it in as soon as possible.

If you have any queries/questions please ask your home group teacher.

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SMCM Online Learning Logs Parent Help Website

The Online Learning Logs (OLLs) are a digital platform for students, parents and teachers to report and celebrate student learning.

The SMCM Online Learning Logs (OLLs) Parent Help Website contains useful information about the OLLs. It also allows you to provide us with a current/updated Google email address OR to report any technical difficulties you are experiencing with accessing your child’s OLL.

You can access this website by:

  • Clicking on the image below
  • Viewing the Parent Information tab of this blog
  • Clicking the link on our SkoolBag app

New families: To receive access to your child’s OLL please provide the school with a gmail address by filling out the Google Form on our SMCM Online Learning Logs (OLLs) Parent Help Website.  

OLLs Parent Help

Mathematics Learning in the Middles

Our middle students (3) have begun further exploring place value this week during our Maths sessions. We have been using a mixture of unifix blocks, MAB and paddle pop sticks to represent numbers with many different digits! Some students have even worked up to 7 or 8 digits in their learning time.

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It has been great to see the students extending their knowledge by choosing numbers that challenge them and working in small groups to represent these numbers in a variety of ways.

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This term in our place value sessions we will be focusing on:

  • Representing numbers up to 10,000 and beyond using a variety of concrete materials
  • Understanding zero as a placeholder in a number
  • Demonstrating an understanding of numbers in their place value, for example ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

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Students have begun to further their understanding of place value by being given some discovery time with a variety of concrete materials to represent their numbers in many different ways. Our middles got very excited about being exposed to MAB and had a great time representing big numbers using the MAB to demonstrate them.

School Photos Tomorrow!

Dear Families,

Just a reminder that school photos are tomorrow (Monday 25 February). These will take place in the morning.

  • Full school summer uniform (including black school shoes)
  • School colour hair accessories (black, white, teal/blue)
  • Tie long hair up
camera photography technology lens

Parent Information

Here is some helpful information that will be useful as we begin our learning journey in 2019! This post as well as other important parent information can be found under the Parent Information tab on this learning blog.

We are looking forward to a great year with you and your children!

Author Visit: Jim Poulter 

Today the Middles were fortunate to be visited by Australian author, Jim Poulter. Jim has written a number of Aboriginal themed children’s books. One of which is titled The Secret of Dreaming. Over the past week, we have been exploring this text as part of our learning in Religion. We have made connections between this poem and the Creation story in the Bible.

It was great to have Jim speak to us today as we were able to ask him questions about the text and clarify our understanding. He also told us many interesting and funny stories!

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What did you enjoy most about Jim’s visit? 

What did you find interesting?

What was something new that you learnt?

Has your understanding of the text The Secret of Dreaming changed now? How so?