Harmony Day

This week communities around Australia are celebrating Harmony Day.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world and Harmony Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate this and work to maintain it.

Watch the clip below to find out more about Harmony Day and use the questions to have a discussion with your family at home.
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What is diversity?

What is Harmony Day?

When is Harmony Day celebrated?

Who celebrates Harmony Day?

Why do we wear orange?

Word challenge: How many words with three letters or more can you make from the letters in the words ‚ÄėCelebrate Australia‚Äôs Diversity‚Äô?

As part of our Harmony Day celebrations here at SMCM, you are invited to wear a touch of orange or cultural dress with your full school uniform on Thursday 21 March, 2019.

Families are invited to join us for a family picnic on Thursday evening: 5.30 – 7.30pm on the Sports Oval.

There will also be a special performance by the SMCM choir and our Foundation and Junior students.

Together we are powerful.

Touch Typing

Today we began practising touch typing on our Chromebooks.

Touch typing is a great skill for us to learn as it helps us to become efficient when using our Chromebooks. We began our touch typing journey using the free website – Typing Club. It is a great resource that you can use both at school and at home to help you become a great touch typist!

Learning a new skill is always tricky at first, but with plenty of practise the easier it will become.

Why is it important to learn how to touch type?

What do you need to remember when you are touch typing?

What is your touch typing goal? How can you stretch your thinking in this area?

You can access Typing Club by clicking here or via the Technology tab on this blog.

Caritas Friday – 100% Hope

“Land is not a commodity, but rather a gift from God.” – Pope Francis

In the Middles we are firm believers that we need to take care of the earth because it is for everyone.

This Caritas Friday we are encouraged to wear something that represents our connection to the land with our school uniform. This may be the colour green, flowers, leaves etc.

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 17.02.50

Please bring a gold coin donation to support Project Compassion.
All money raised helps Caritas Australia as they work with local communities to create new hope for a better future.

Click here to view this week’s interactive workbook.

Swimming Program: Water Safety

As part of our swimming program, we will be participating in a water safety session.

This session will take place on:

  • Thursday 14 March for the Coral Homegroup
  • Friday 22 March for the Clams and Oysters Homegroup

Students are required to bring along an extra pair of shorts and tshirt to participate in this session.

Thanks for your continued support,

Middle Team

Headphones for our Chromebooks

The middle students are finally able to get using their Chromebooks in the learning spaces now that all our forms have been returned!

As part of our digital technology policy all middle students need to provide a pair of headphones for use with their Chromebooks during learning time.

If you have not brought in a pair of headphones for your Chromebook please make sure you bring it in as soon as possible.

If you have any queries/questions please ask your home group teacher.

Image result for kids headphones

SMCM Online Learning Logs Parent Help Website

The Online Learning Logs (OLLs) are a digital platform for students, parents and teachers to report and celebrate student learning.

The SMCM Online Learning Logs (OLLs) Parent Help Website contains¬†useful information about the OLLs. It also allows you to¬†provide us with a current/updated Google email address OR to report any technical difficulties you are experiencing with accessing your child’s OLL.

You can access this website by:

  • Clicking on the image below
  • Viewing the¬†Parent Information tab of this blog
  • Clicking the link on our SkoolBag app

New families:¬†To receive access to your child’s OLL please provide the school with a gmail address¬†by filling out the Google Form on our¬†SMCM Online Learning Logs (OLLs) Parent Help Website.¬†¬†

OLLs Parent Help