Caritas Friday

On Friday, SMCM celebrated its first Caritas Friday to participate in the Lenten Season and support the work of Project Compassion. Many of the students wore something to acknowledge community helpers and leaders. We also learnt about Shirley, from the Phillipines who has been supported by Caritas Australia. We learnt Shirley makes slippers from natural materials such as bananna leaves to support her family. We made our on own slippers using items from natural environment.

What did you wear to acknowledge the work of community helpers and leaders?

What did you learn about Project Compassion and Shirley’s story?



School Photos: Monday

Dear Families,

Just a reminder that there is NO SWIMMING on Monday 2nd March, due to school photos taking place. A make-up day is scheduled for Wednesday 25th March.

Students are reminded to wear full Summer Uniform:

    • School colour hair accessories (black, white, teal/blue)
    • Tie long hair up
    • Black shoes
    • White /Grey socks

Screenshot 2020-02-26 at 09.39.47



Year 3 Team

Shrove Tuesday

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. We learnt about the importance of Shrove Tuesday, as well as why it is a tradition to make pancakes. We then ate some pancakes. They were delicious!

Why do we celebrate Shrove Tuesday?

What ingredients were in our pancakes?

What key words did you use to describe your pancake?

Parent Information

Welcome to Year Three Skill, Spirit, Stamina and Strength homegroups!

We are looking forward to a great year with you and your children.

Here is some helpful information that will be useful as we begin our learning journey in 2020!

*This information can also be found under the ‘Parent Information’ tab on our homegroup blog 🙂

Cross Country 2020

Hello Year 3s!

An official call for all students interested in CROSS COUNTRY this term.


 Wednesday 2nd Break, 1st Half at The Cubbies

A determined mind, a commitment to weekly training sessions and a pair of runners are all you need!


If you have any questions, please ask Yolanda or Gabby.
Looking forward to seeing you there,