School Photos – Monday 29th March

Good afternoon Year 3 families.

Just a reminder that Monday, 29th March is school photos.

Students will be required to come to school in their full summer school uniform.

Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces! Say cheese!!!

Come dressed as your future self on Friday

SMCM, you are superstars! We have now raised $1131 for Caritas!

This week our Caritas Friday connects to Oliva’s story. Oliva is from the Solomon Islands and she was unable to read, write or count. Caritas Australia helped to give her a future by enrolling her in Literacy and Numeracy classes.

Help Caritas support others like Oliva by dressing up as your future self and donating a gold coin on Friday!

Water Safety Day

On Friday the 5th of March, students will be participating in a ‘Water Safety’ session during their swimming lesson.

Please bring a tshirt and a pair of shorts to wear over your bathers in the water!

Izvrstan Pravilnost Kanbera child with short t shirt -

Wear a splash of blue on Friday for Caritas!

Last week we raised an amazing $541 for Caritas Project Compassion. Well done SMCM – giving to others (almsgiving) is an important part of Lent and it helps us to become closer to God.

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Margret’s story. Margaret is a teacher at a vocational school for deaf students in the Solomon Islands. Margret and her students face water shortages and they have to walk off campus twice a day to collect safe drinking water. 

How would you feel if you were Margret?

How did Caritas help Margret and her students?

Caritas Friday tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our first Caritas Friday!

Wear your favourite piece of clothing with your uniform and bring a gold coin donation!

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We begin our annual Lenten Project Compassion fundraiser this week with our first Caritas Friday. This week’s theme is connected to the first Project Compassion story of Jamila, a single mother living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh. With the support of Caritas Australia, Jamila learnt to sew and uses this skill as income to support her family.

Be More’ for others in Lent and DONATE to Caritas!