How are you feeling after your first week of Remote Learning? Have your feelings changed or stayed the same from the beginning of the week? 

What is working well? Perhaps it is your learning space? Or following a timetable?

What goal will you set yourself for next week? Maybe you will include more brain breaks? Or perhaps you will try to record your voice on Seesaw?

Congratulations to all the Year 3 students and families. What an incredible job you have done! 

Was your guess correct?
What clues did you see that helped you to make your guess?
Well done to those of you that made the correct guess!
Let us know below if you were correct!

7 thoughts on “AFTERNOON WRAP UP

  1. smcmgabriel says:

    Its been helpful using the blog to navigate through daily tasks which has enabled us to develop an understanding of Year 3 learning stages and what is expected.
    Especially enjoy using the Websites for specific tasks and my child is embracing the practical side of the experiments we’ve done so far.
    We have had some fun along the way in the last few days and looking forward to a new week ahead.
    Enjoy the weekend 😀


    • Madeline Davey says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback! We are glad to hear that all is going well for you and Gabriel so far! Hopefully many more weeks of successful learning ahead! Have a wonderful weekend!

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