Week 10 ‘Fun Week’ Reminders

A big week ahead for the Coral, Oysters and Clams Homegroups so here are some friendly reminders to get you through Term 4 Week 10, 2019! Have a great week everyone 🙂

Monday 9 December – School Closure Day for Students

Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 December – Camp Narmbool (meet in Penola at 8.45am)
See here for our previous post with important camp reminders. https://smcmfunonthefarm.com/2019/12/06/camp-narmbool-important-reminders-2/

Thursday 12 December – Whole School Sports Day at St Monica’s Collage
Please ensure that you have returned your permission form to school as soon as possible. Full sports uniform required.

Friday 13 December – 12pm: End of Year Mass in the Sacred Space
6pm: SMCM Christmas Carols Night on the Sports Oval

As always you can stay up to date with all our adventures by following @SMCM_School on Twitter and by viewing the SkoolBag app.

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