Personal Investigation Research Project

The past few weeks the Year Threes have begun their very own Personal Investigation Research Projects! Students were given the opportunity to ask a question about what wanted to find out more about, about the First Fleet, Indigenous Australians and England during the 1800s.

Students have begun their research by developing a question, researching their question and are beginning to work out how they would like to display their information to share with their peers.

The students have shared what they have liked the most about this research project:
“I enjoyed the questions and how we were able to choose what we wanted to learn about. Choosing what you want to learn about is better then learning about what somebody else chose!”

“I enjoyed that you were able to use your Chromebooks to find out information about something you didn’t know about! And we got to choose what we learnt about!”

“I enjoyed that I put a bunch of hard work into it. I enjoyed figuring out things about the First Fleet by searching on Google or YouTube!”

“I have enjoyed that you get to research what we want to research about from the First Fleet.”

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