Polly Woodside Excursion

This week the Year 3’s headed into the city to explore the tall ship named Polly Woodside. We had a fantastic day learning all about the way that the Polly Woodside was used and what types of things it transported over it’s life.

Below are some quote from our students experience of the day!
“My favourite part was going to the Polly Woodside museum. I also liked steering the wheel of the ship!”

“I learnt that the ship cost one cent! It was made in 1855.”

“My favourite part was going on the boat and scrubbing the deck.”

“I learnt that if you fell off the ship they got left in the water!”

“My favourite part of the excursion was watching the movie because I learnt lots of new things about the Polly Woodside.”

I wonder what was your favourite part of the excursion?
What was a new fact you learnt about the Polly Woodside?
What surprised you the most about our experience at the Polly Woodside?

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