Celebration of Learning

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to thank all the families that were able to make it to our Celebration of Learning last night. Our students were so excited to share with you all the fantastic learning that they have been completing over the last semester. They have all worked so hard! It was wonderful to see so many families and so many proud faces walking in and out of our learning spaces.

Thanks again,

Year Three team

Copy of Celebration of Learning S12018

Below are some reflections from our students about their experiences from last night:

“I felt happy about showing my parents my learning. It made me feel happy because I think I’ve been doing really well in my learning and they were very proud of the work that I showed them. I felt happy and excited and a little bit nervous for my parents to see my work because I didn’t know if it was good or not. But afterwards I felt really happy because my parents said my work was really good.”

“I felt great about my Mum coming into my celebration of learning because it was a lot of fun. Mum was surprised by the work that I have done this semester and how much I have learnt.”

“I felt happy about my family coming into the learning space because they can see what I’ve been doing and how well I’ve been doing it. It was really fun when they were really happy about my work. I really like it when they are happy with me and proud of my work.”

“I felt excited to show my Dad about my learning and what I’ve been working on. I liked telling him what I’ve learnt this semester and what I want to continue to work on. It was nice to hear my Dad telling me about how much I have improved in my learning. I felt proud to show how confident I am in my writing.”

“I felt nervous about the Celebration of Learning, because showing my Mum and Dad my learning made me feel a little bit nervous. After going to the Celebration of Learning I felt happy because my parents were excited about my learning and were amazed by the work I had completed with Simone, Sensei and Kristie.”

“I felt good about the Celebration of Learning because I was talking to my parents about my learning. I showed my Mum and Dad all the learning that I have done and they were really proud of my learning. They were really happy with what I have done in my learning because it showed how hard I have been working.”

“I felt a bit nervous about the Celebration of Learning because it has been a long time since I have shared my learning with my Mum. After we went to the Celebration of Learning I felt excited because I was able to show my Mum what I have been learning in the past semester. My Mum was very impressed with how I am able to use the Chromebook.”

“I felt good about the Celebration of Learning because my family got to see how much learning I have been able to do. My parents thought that I was really smart and that I have done a great job with my learning! My Dad liked my narrative and he said that it was very smart and he gave me some feedback on my writing. My Mum said that she really liked my self reflection because she liked how we learnt about different words in all the different languages of the Indigenous Australians.”

One thought on “Celebration of Learning

  1. Silvia M says:

    I would like to suggest extending the hours for the celebration to 6:30pm as many parents only leave work after 5:30pm.
    I myself was still stuck in traffic at 6pm and missed the celebration and was very disappointed and heartbroken that my child wasn’t able to share his hard work with me, as was my son.
    Thanks for your hard work all teachers this semester.


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