Measurement: The Blue Whale

This week we have been learning all about measurementWe have been using measuring tools such as rulers to measure the length of different objects.

After hearing about the Blue Whale and learning that it is 30 metres in length, we demonstrated the disposition of curiosity by using our measuring tools to find out how long 30 metres actually is!

Screenshot 2019-06-08 at 13.31.55

We worked out that using our 30 centimetre rulers to measure this length would take us a really long time because they are too small, so we decided that using a 1 metre ruler would be easier as it is a larger unit of measurement. Like all good mathematicians, we estimated if we thought 30 metres would be the same length as the basketball court or if it would be longer than it or shorter than it.

We used our disposition of collaboration to measure out 30 metres. Together we made sure that we started from the correct starting point and that there were no gaps. At the half way point, 15 metres – we reassessed our estimations to see if we were close and if we’d like to change them now that our measuring was underway!

Once we had finally measured out 30 metres,  we were blown away by how long a Blue Whale actually is.

edited whale length

We then wondered if we could compare the combined length of the Coral homegroup to the Blue Whale. Would we be longer, shorter or the same length as the Blue Whale? The results speak for themselves!


What did you learn about measurement during this session?

I wonder if you could investigate the shortest animal in the world? Can you measure this length? What could you compare it to? 

7 thoughts on “Measurement: The Blue Whale

    • Simone says:

      Hi Amelia it sure is! We enjoyed learning about length and the Blue Whale at the same time? I wonder if there is an animal you are interested in learning about? 😊 From Simone


  1. Ana Menta says:

    Thats CRAZY! I can’t believe that a blue whale is that size! Glad we have a blog to look at that because I’m shocked. I hope it was fun doing that!
    Good job guys!
    From Chloé

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simone says:

      Hi Chloé, thanks for commenting on our blog post 😊 We certainly did have a lot of fun using our measurement skills to learn more about the Blue Whale! I wonder if there are other animals that are just as long at the Blue Whale? From Simone


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