Excursion to Melbourne Museum, St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Chapel

Today our Middle students ventured off into the city to see what we could find out about the important signs, symbols and traditions of various groups in our society. We were all lucky enough to explore to the First Peoples Exhibition at Melbourne Museum, while some groups visited either St Patrick’s Cathedral or the St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Chapel at ACU.

At the First Peoples Exhibition, we were able to share in the knowledge, stories, culture, and objects that are significant to our Aboriginal community. Through discussion we were able to understand more about the Aboriginal culture and how it has evolved and continued to strengthen over time.

At St Patrick’s Cathedral and ACU, we explored symbols, rituals and traditions that are special to our Catholic Faith. We made connections between these special places of worship and our very own Sacred Space at school. It was great to hear the buzz of excitement as we were able to share our knowledge of Catholic symbols and rituals with other members of our group!

  • I wonder what symbols you saw? Can you describe them?
  • Can you name some traditions? I wonder what you think these symbols represent?
  • What rituals did you learnt about? Can you explain them? Did they remind you of any rituals that you know of?
  • How might these symbols, traditions and rituals be similar to experiences you have had?

Please remember to record your reflections in a comment below 🙂

Lastly, thank you to all our parent helpers who were able to assist today. Your presence, support and enthusiasm allowed us to make the most of this fantastic learning experience!

25 thoughts on “Excursion to Melbourne Museum, St Patrick’s Cathedral and St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Chapel

  1. jack says:

    Hi Simone the excursion was great I saw some crosses and I now know that just after a baby is born there is fire.Some other symbols are the altar and candles


  2. quentin says:

    Nice photos and facts. It was cool to see Aboriginal people make their stuff. I saw them make shields made out of wood and thatch they also made a sword out of wood


  3. Natalie says:

    Hi Simone
    The candles were a symbol and aboriginal people wore possum fur with a drawing inside the clothes that the aboriginal people wore


  4. isabella says:

    hi Simone i enjoy the excursion i saw candle that had aboriginal patents on it and Jesus on the cross on the wall at first people we saw a lot of cool things from Isabella


  5. Natalia says:

    Hi Simone,
    i learnt so much yesterday at the Melbourne Museum and at the ACU in the St. Mary of the cross Mackilop chapel i learnt that the Indigenous people had a tradition were they do a big celebration when a baby is born and they light a fire to welcome it to their community.then when we went to the chapel i saw an tall candle and it reminded me of the tall candle we light on Easter.


  6. johnny says:

    hi Simon i like the pitchers it helps me now what the Symbols look like i Saw a cross
    at st Patrick’s Cathedral. it reminds me of Jesus.


  7. mark says:

    Hi Simone,
    something i learned that was a symbol was a candle and a cross.
    when a baby gets baptise/when you go in a church there is a plate of holy water and you make the sign of the cross.


  8. Joseph says:

    Hi Simone
    when I went to the first peoples expedition and saw a spear and the first people used that for a punishment when they did a crime. I saw a candle that represents fire that represents God I also saw a statue of Mary mother of God holding Jesus.

    From Joseph


  9. jesly says:

    Hi Simone,
    Something that I saw was where the ells lived and in my book it said it was called the KOOYANG it was a little or medium sized container of fake ells and the ells were camouflaged in the container that looked like it had water in it,I think it looked camouflaged because of the logs and nature there was inside it .It was really hard to find the ells because of all the nature.There was a lot of plants too!


  10. zahra says:

    HI Simone . First Peoples exhibition . i am going to name 2 symbols 1. a spear 2. a possum cloak
    And im going to also name a tradition witch is on a special day or night they will dance a special dance depending on the day
    cathedral . i saw stain glass windows and candles and holy water i blessed myself with holy water
    from Zahra


  11. Hannah says:

    Hi Simone,
    I learnt so much yesterday on our wonderful excursion 😃.I saw a candle with aboriginal patterns on it.They looked like dots that made a picture.And I also remember the statue of Mary Mackillp
    From Hannah


  12. Jesly says:

    Hi Simone,I just had a wondering if the orange round thing in home learning feels hard or soft when I mean it I meant it is the one in the literacy one


  13. Jesly says:

    Dear Simone can the reconciliation group do activity 3 and make the pray or do want us to only practice the sheat that we need to practice.


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