Harmony Day

Harmony day is when different cultures unite and come together as one community. On this day we discover other cultures and participate in many activities.

At SMCM we celebrate harmony day with a family picnic and we also wear a splash of orange or cultural dress. During learning time, we have the opportunity to share and learn about different cultures.

Have a look at the HARMONY DAY website for more information.


The picnic was great!! We started our night with a “welcome to country” performance by Mitch Tambo and his little brother Zeek (a past student of SMCM). Then we had a some incredible performances by the choir and ukulele club. After that we watched a performance by the Junior students with a song called ‘Hello to all the children of the world’. We also had an awesome performance by the middle students and had a blast with the foundation students singing ‘We’re all in this together.’ It was a great night and we look forward to have many more nights just like that!

Written by: Ascah, Ria, Christeena and Justina.


During Harmony Week and on Harmony day, we participated in lots of activities about Harmony, Unity, Belonging and Diversity. It was great learning off each other. We learnt about different cultures and that everyone is different in their own special way. On harmony day the seniors and middle students collaborated and created unique hand artwork that represented different cultures. In groups, we researched the artistic styles of various countries. We then used this research to decorate our hand print. We learnt how to say hello in many different language too:

  • Ciao
  • Bongu
  • Mathabaun
  • Namaste
  • Hola
  • Ni Hao
  • Talofa Lafa

Can you match the words to their nationality?


We also discussed the meaning of multiculturalism and how it is a beautiful word because it means everyone is different and that we all belong! Isn’t it great that we are all different and all our differences make Australia such a colourful and beautiful country.

Written by Hannah (Corals), Isabella (Corals), Chiara, Madison, Neha

What did you do to celebrate Harmony Day?

How can you show respect to people from other cultures?

What  do these words mean and how do they link to Harmony Day? How can we show examples of these words?







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