Mathematics Learning in the Middles

Our middle students (3) have begun further exploring place value this week during our Maths sessions. We have been using a mixture of unifix blocks, MAB and paddle pop sticks to represent numbers with many different digits! Some students have even worked up to 7 or 8 digits in their learning time.

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It has been great to see the students extending their knowledge by choosing numbers that challenge them and working in small groups to represent these numbers in a variety of ways.

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This term in our place value sessions we will be focusing on:

  • Representing numbers up to 10,000 and beyond using a variety of concrete materials
  • Understanding zero as a placeholder in a number
  • Demonstrating an understanding of numbers in their place value, for example ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

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Students have begun to further their understanding of place value by being given some discovery time with a variety of concrete materials to represent their numbers in many different ways. Our middles got very excited about being exposed to MAB and had a great time representing big numbers using the MAB to demonstrate them.

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