PE with Joe Wicks

Dear Families,

Are you looking for ways to engage your children in physical activity every day?

Megan-Dredge-Holiday-Tip-Move-Your-BodyJoe Wicks-  UK’s ‘Body Coach’ is uploading 30 minute workouts, in light of our world’s current situation, for children who are in isolation or on school holidays! Join in with the family fun as well.

He is energetic, easy to follow and a great resource to help your children move! Access his daily videos (Monday- Friday) by typing in:

PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube.

I would suggest to find an area in the house that is spacious and free from trip hazards.

Happy moving 🙂

Walk Through Holy Week

Hi everyone,
Use the Walk Through Holy Week slides to explore Holy Week.
We wish you all the best for the Easter Break!

– What was your favourite ‘part’ of the story?
– What did you: See? Think? Feel? Wonder?
– What does this mean for us today?
– What do you think was the most important part of these Holy Week stories?

Project Compassion

In year 3, we continue to explore the genoerosity of Caritas Australia to promote justice for all. We have further developed our understanding of what our donations each Friday, for Project Compassion can do for people in Australia and around the world. This week we read a story about Sakan, a woman from a village in India. We recognised the work of Project Compassion to help Sakan by creating artwork.

Where does Sakun live?
What made life hard for Sakun?
What helped make things better for Sakun?
How did Caritas Australia help?

Maths – Data

In Year 3, we have been learning about posing questions to collect data for different topics. We have investigated different types of graphs such as bar graphs, column graphs, picture graphs and pie charts.

This is a graph about a grade 3 class.
What might this graph be about?
How many children might there be in the class?
How could you describe the information you see on the graph?
Can you recreate the graph using a column or bar graph?


We have loved watching everyone growing in their swimming skills in each of our weekly sessions! It’s great seeing people make and achieve the goals they are setting for themselves.

Reminder: Due to Labour Day, our next swimming session will be on Friday 13 March. This week is Safety Week at swimming! Please bring an extra t-shirt and a pair of shorts to wear during our safety session!

What goals have you set yourself during our swimming sessions?

How are you going to reach your goals in the last few sessions ?

What have you enjoyed most about swimming this year?

Swimming Reminders

This week we will be having swimming only on Friday due to school photos. A make up day has been organised for the 25th of March for our additional session!

On swimming days please provide your child with additional food. Each class has extra eating times both before lessons and after the children return from the pool to ensure they are not hungry. These additional snacks will be eaten together at school as we continue to develop our shared community.

Reminder, please ensure that all pieces of uniform, towels and bathers are clearly labelled to avoid any missing items throughout our swimming sessions.

We are loving seeing everybody progressing in their confidence in the pool and can’t wait to continue our swimming sessions again on Friday!

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