Parent Information

Welcome to Year Three Skill, Spirit, Stamina and Strength homegroups!

We are looking forward to a great year with you and your children.

Here is some helpful information that will be useful as we begin our learning journey in 2020!

*This information can also be found under the ‘Parent Information’ tab on our homegroup blog 🙂

Cross Country 2020

Hello Year 3s!

An official call for all students interested in CROSS COUNTRY this term.


 Wednesday 2nd Break, 1st Half at The Cubbies

A determined mind, a commitment to weekly training sessions and a pair of runners are all you need!


If you have any questions, please ask Yolanda or Gabby.
Looking forward to seeing you there,



Week Four Reminders

This week marks the beginning of our swimming sessions for the Year Threes! Below is some reminders that will help for all homegroups as this week begins!

Homegroup Sport
As students will be having swimming twice a week, students will not be having their second sport session. Therefore students will need to wear their sports uniforms on the following days only for the rest of Term One:
Stamina: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Strength: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Skill: Monday, Tuesday and Friday
Spirit: Mondays and Fridays

Please also ensure that your child has the following items at school and that each are clearly labelled:
*Art smock
*School hat
*Two boxes of tissues

Image result for notebook clip art


Mondays and Fridays

Strength and Spirit – start their swimming lessons at 11:45.

Stamina and Skill – start their swimming lessons at 12:30.

Students are required to wear their bathers underneath their Full Sports Uniform on the day of their swimming lesson. A separate swimming bag with a change of underwear, a towel and a pair of thongs may also be helpful for your child to bring.


Do you have any 3 Dimensional Objects at home?

Dear Parents,

This term the Year 3’s are exploring 3 dimensional objects. We are asking students to bring in different containers/ packaging that are 3 dimensional objects. This will further inform class discussions and allow student to link our learning to real life models.

      Image result for toblerone"Image result for cereal box"Image result for pringles"

If you have any questions, please let your homegroup teacher know

Thanks, Year Three Team


Our First Day of 2020

Welcome back to our Year 3 students and families of SMCM Middle School.

Despite the heat, students of the Strength, Skill, Spirit and Stamina homegroups had a fantastic day. We were very excited to experience learning in Mary MacKIllop Views for the very first time. We enjoyed getting to know each other a bit better through conversation and a variety of activities including Class Scavenger Hunts and Design Challenges. Students had fun receiving new stationery and books ready to begin another year of learning! 

We look forward to continuing to get to know each other next week and jump into some fantastic learning! 

What did you enjoy during your first day back at school? 

What are you looking forward to this year?