Polly Woodside Excursion

This week the Year 3’s headed into the city to explore the tall ship named Polly Woodside. We had a fantastic day learning all about the way that the Polly Woodside was used and what types of things it transported over it’s life.

Below are some quote from our students experience of the day!
“My favourite part was going to the Polly Woodside museum. I also liked steering the wheel of the ship!”

“I learnt that the ship cost one cent! It was made in 1855.”

“My favourite part was going on the boat and scrubbing the deck.”

“I learnt that if you fell off the ship they got left in the water!”

“My favourite part of the excursion was watching the movie because I learnt lots of new things about the Polly Woodside.”

I wonder what was your favourite part of the excursion?
What was a new fact you learnt about the Polly Woodside?
What surprised you the most about our experience at the Polly Woodside?

First Fleet Convicts

This week we have each chosen a convict from the First Fleet as a focus for our Historical Autobiographies. Students have researched their convict and have found out information such as their crimes, sentences and ships they were transported on.


I wonder what surprised you about your convict?

What was the most common crime committed by people on the First Fleet?

Why interested you about your convict?

What do you think it was like being a convict on the First Fleet?

Matific Championship

The students in Year 3 have been working hard to try and earn as many stars as we can on Matific during our warm ups for Maths each day.

SMCM is registered for the chance to win over $25,000 in cash and prizes with Matific.
The competition is running from the 13th August – 15th August.
To be in the running, all we need to do is play and collect stars!

Please help our school out by playing Matific as much as we can at home to earn stars while learning!


St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal


SMCM will be participating in the St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal and collecting donations during the month of August. 

Please collect these items in your homegroup and your Senior St Vinnies representative will come around and collect these items.

What is the Winter Appeal?

The St. Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal is an event that happens every year.  It was founded in 1833 by a man named Fredrick Ozanam. Thousands of Australians give up their time and some items are donated to help the lives of the poor or less fortunate and give them the opportunity to have a better life. The Winter Appeal helps others by donating food, clothes and toiletries which helps to give the less fortunate the support they might need.

Who does the Winter Appeal Help?

The Saint Vinnies Winter Appeal is trying to help people in our community that are less fortunate than us and need our support to help them build a happier future. St Vinnies need help to get more money to give to the poor, and they need donations including food, clothes, toiletries and other items that are required in their everyday life. If they get these items they will feel warmer, well nourished and, as a result, happier. 

How can we help at SMCM?

It is important that we are able to keep people warm and nourished in Winter so they can live a happy life. SMCM can help by participating in our St. Vinnies Winter Appeal. We can donate by bringing in food, clothes, blankets and toiletries. It is our responsibility to make sure that we are able to help, support and comfort people in need as much as we can. SMCM is a loving school that cares for those who are less fortunate than us and will always be there to help and support the people in need. 

What Can We Donate?

There are many things that we can donate to the Winter Appeal. Some examples of things you can donate are: 

  • House essentials such as warm blankets, pillows and toiletries.                                  
  • Non perishable foods including canned foods like tuna, beans, spaghetti and soup.
  • You can also donate other non perishable foods such as tea, pancake mix, packaged pasta, rice, grains, packets of chips, sugar, flour, salt and pepper, bottled water, syrup and honey.

It’s great to donate these types of items because they will not go off and they don’t need to be kept in a fridge or freezer. They will also help keep people warm and nourished in the cold weather.

Make sure to donate to help the people living in poverty, or the people who don’t have what we have to live a better life!

St Vinnies logo (002)

Written by Masen M, Seth F, Xavier A, Thomas K, Michael D, Vince F, Grace F, Amelia DB, Charlie F, Dean V, Kade C and Angelos G.

Maths Learning with Rob Vingerhoets

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Tonight we have our favourite Mathematician coming to join our school community to teach our families strategies to help support your children in their Mathematics learning.

We would love to see families come along and join in the fun with Rob tonight, child minding is available if required!